7EASY   Daily Habits that will

Transform Your Life

for the BETTER!

     Human beings are creatures of habit. Most of us are already aware that proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise can support or deter the functioning of our bodies and minds. Here are 7 more simple habits to add to your list that will truly transform your
life for the better.



Everyday....Simply Smile.

Smile at someone, something and at yourself in the mirror.


Be grateful.

Find at least one person or thing to be grateful for each and every day.



Inhale slowly to the count of 3, hold your breathe to the count of 3, exhale slowly to the count of 3.

Repeat the sequence 3 times in a row and throughout your day.


Connect with nature.

Look outside, observe trees, plants,etc. 

Bring nature indoors with houseplants (Air-filtering houseplants according to NASA). Look for ones that support your home environment. 

Plant something.

Care for plants and nature and watch it grow.



Self-communicate each day by releasing Emotions, Actions, and Thoughts (EATs) on paper.

Ask yourself questions and then answer them!


Love Unconditionally.

Love yourself.

Love others.

Love yourself enough to become more self-aware. (7 Questions to ask yourself daily to become more self-aware and create more positive life habits.)

Be kind and compassionate with yourself and with others.


Set Goals.

Set goals and communicate them with yourself every day.

Jot down on paper small steps to make your big dream come true. 

Take a step every day toward your dream.

Imagine you have fulfilled your dreams and make them happen.