Hi! My name is Jennifer Ayers-Belinkis

I am married with 4 children and a dog.

I hold certifications in

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),

Bach Flower Remedies, and


My Life has taught me a thing or two--so I decided to write a book about it and how to "really" live Life. It's called "Me: Life Guide and Guided Journey by Journal available on Amazon. 

Being an avid nature lover and Life investigator~ I am especially interested in the relationship between our

Environment ~ Body ~ Soul:Minds ~ Spirit connections.

I hope you enjoy our website and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jennifer Ayers-Belinkis
Founder of 
HOPE~Home tO PurposE

HOPE is dedicated to support, inspire, empower and motivate YOU to discover more about you and who you really are.


Experience HOPE to create more love, happiness, creativity and awareness in your Life and in your community.


HOPE supports:

-Personal Awareness and Development


-Open Stage-Sharing life experiences...


-Creative Artwork using recycled materials

and more...

...Coming Soon to your community...

Please contact HOPE Home tO PurposE if you are interested in spreading more happiness, awareness and love in your life, your community and in our world.


Alone we are strong;

Together we are stronger!


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HOPE-Home tO PurposE

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