Dandy Life Lessons

I went for a walk/run this morning and as I turned a corner, I ran past a breathtaking field of dandelions. Growing up, I was taught that dandelion plants were pesky weeds, they spread like wild fire and that they should be pulled up by their roots and discarded or they could damage our lawn and our garden. As an adult, I have come to admire them and respect the life lessons they are here to teach us.

Did you know that dandelion flowers open in the morning with the rising sun and tend to close up at night? Something about those bright yellow flowers, the green stems and leaves, paired with the white silky pom-pom that at any given moment could release its seeds and become airborne in an instant leaving a barren stem swaying in the breeze, mystifies me.

I was reminded of a fond memory that took place in New York City, the Meat Packing district, it was the end of October 2015, signs and colors of autumn were everywhere, yellow, orange, red, brown coupled with baby blue skies. As I walked down the street, the wind began to pick up and suddenly I was surrounded by thousands of white fluffy seeds that were set free from nearby dandelions. It felt as if I had been caught up in a snow blizzard, only without the freezing cold weather. The setting was absolutely, breathtakingly…beautiful...New York City, black tar streets and grey buildings where the perfect backdrop for these seedlings to really strut their stuff, show off as to speak. I remember standing there and enjoying this incredible sight…I wondered where they all came from? There must have been a field of dandelions somewhere nearby to produce so many flying seedlings all at once. After a few moments it didn’t matter anymore where they came from, I was just thankful that they came…I stood there in the street in awe, people bustling by me as if oblivious to what was happening around us, did they not see this amazing site? White, light, feather-like confetti dancing to and fro in the air. My husband, who accompanied me, seemed to be caught up in time and in the shopping that NYC offers, like the others around us. He carried on his way and as I stood there seemingly alone in the street, I will never forget the feeling of freedom and the company that those little, soft, white, puffs of joy brought my way that day.

A dandelions life cycle is a wonderful interpretive comparison of the life cycle in humans. We begin our lives as a seed…we take root...and grow…. In order to grow we receive water and nutrients that are given to us by others, parents, guardians, teachers, family, friends etc… and as we grow our flower is shown and displayed to the world.

Our flower has been cultivated and taught to grow, this is the only flower that can come from this particular plant…there will never be two dandelion plants that are identical, just like all plants, flowers, trees, people, animals etc.., everything and everyone is unique and different.

There comes a time in human life, just as in the life of a dandelion, that the flower which has been cultivated closes in on itself and begins a transformational process. This is a natural human process as well, but with one major difference—humans have the ability to choose, it is called free will, some of us go with the flow allowing nature and natural processes to happen and some of us decide to negate, choose not to let nature take its course, and yet some of us never choose, the choice is left up to each individual as they see fit.

Nature will take its course, the question is are you going with nature or going against it? Only you can how to live your life...and it is a choice!

The fact of the matter is that life cycles happen and you possess free will, the power to choose how you live your life. The seeds that you are spreading and planting this very moment in the world are the results of the Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) you choose, for yourself, every day. As you develop in your life, there comes a time for turning in, learning from the life you have lived and the life you are living at this moment; transforming your petals to seeds. Your seeds are made up of your E.A.T.s and by studying them and learning from them you can understand who you are. Remember after all, you have been cultivated—shouldn’t you know what you are made of and what seeds you are spreading and planting?

Your Emotions, your Actions and your Thoughts, influence situations and people around you. (You are your Emotions, you are your Actions and you are your Thoughts, who you are influences situations and people around you.) Just like the dandelion seedlings that spread far and wide and take root to start the growth process time and time again.

What seeds are you spreading/planting and where? It IS your choice! Are you aware of your E.A.T.s (Emotions, Actions and Thoughts)?

I like to think of life interpreted through a dandelion…the green stalk and the flower that has been cultivated remind me of my childhood. There comes a time in our lives to choose—choose to turn inward for investigation and examination of the flower we have become. Only then, with the knowledge and awareness of who you are, you are able to develop and transform your flower to seeds, the seeds you want and choose to spread and plant in your life and in the lives of others. Just as the dandelions seeds mature, its flower stalk elongates greatly, raising its fluffy seed head up into the air and waits for a suitable breeze of release and re-growth.

Today, I choose to take a closer look at me...the cultivated flower I have become. I choose to investigate my E.A.T.s and by doing this I can develop and transform myself. The seeds that I want to produce are seeds of values—learning from my life, the events and situations that make me who I am today.

Values are the things that are the most important to you in life. Your values are who you are in a nutshell and are shown through the Emotions that you choose to feel, the Actions you take in life, your behaviors and the words you choose to use, and from the Thoughts that you choose to think. E.A.T.s (Emotions, Actions and Thoughts) affect you and the people around you. Whether you realize it or not you are spreading and planting your seeds every moment and those seeds grow in many places…the effect you have on your surroundings is great and growing.

Dandelions are called weeds by some because they are persistent, they spread quickly, grow everywhere and they seem to take over. Imagine the effect your seeds have on the people around you and the world.

When I choose to go within and transform, I investigate each petal, learning about and transforming each one into values and the E.A.T.s that I would like to see more of in my life, seeds of happiness, love, peace, learning, creativity, belief, family, friends, abundance in all areas of my life and when my pom-pom like flower emerges and the time comes for the breeze to carry my seeds of life far and wide, I choose to spread happiness, love and peace everywhere the wind will carry it.

If you think about it, how many dandelions does it take to cover an entire lawn or the world for that matter?

Only one, if you give it time.