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Subject: HOPELESS…


I would like my children to really Love me. I am not perfect, nothing in this world is—but I do love my children and I want them to have the best. I worry about them, I would like for them to call me every day to ask how I'm doing and tell me they love me even if they can't come visit me, they can at least call. I worry about their children and my grandchildren. I want the best for them and I feel like I haven't done the right things in my life, I haven’t been the best parent to my children and I'm sorry for everything and wonder if it's too late?


Thank you for contacting HOPE and sharing your thoughts and feelings.

I believe as long as we are alive it is never too late to show our love or to know what true love is. True love is love that come without conditions, when you experience unconditional love first hand, that is when you love yourself unconditionally, and have created a strong foundation for the love you share with others.

We have been taught from childhood to love others, as I believe we should, but the most important person to love is you. Once you can truly love yourself, love is abundant to all and you feel love even when your children do not call you or visit you, you are loved by you. When you love yourself unconditionally you know you are loved and you are never ever alone.

Do your feelings of hopelessness bring with them fear? Did you know that hope is the opposite of fear?

Fear is created from what you are not aware of; the unknown, in your case, fear of not being loved, or the safety of your family members.

When you are hopeful you feel happy inside, safe, secure and loved. Your emotions (you feel) and thoughts (you think) create your actions, your behavior which creates more of the same emotions and thoughts...actions and behaviors.

If you are feeling hopeless, you have been given the signs and are aware of it; congratulations…awareness is a gift. Now, what do you do with what you are aware of is your choice.

If you acknowledge your EATs (Emotions, Actions and Thoughts) and learn from them you can then choose to EAT in a way that best suits you.

Rest assured that your hopelessness is your choice....you choose how you want to live your life. This information is not here to bring you down it is here to give you hope. When you come to the understanding that your Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (EATs) are under your control and when you are aware of them you have the power to decide what and how you will EAT that is called empowering yourself.

Did you know that you create your own reality, you create your life?

Waiting on others to call or to communicate with you, worrying about others---brings you down. Have faith in yourself.

The first step is to investigate yourself...to become aware of how you are EATing...how you are Emotioning/feeling, Acting/behaving and Thinking.

When you take care of yourself--love yourself without conditions, you will become aware of the happiness within you and these feelings/emotions allow you to be truly grateful for all the people and events in your life without a condition—‘like if only they would call me’...

Knowing who you are, really...is a process. It doesn't happen overnight and the question, Who Am I, Really? when answered every day, brings awareness and happiness, love and peace into your life. After all, who you are is a combination of your EATs, your Emotions, your Actions/behaviors, and your Thoughts.

For more information on how your EATs are formed, how to transform them and how to investigate yourself to generate more self-aware and to create more happiness, love, creativity and hope in your life, visit HOPE.

HOPE – Home tO PurposE at www.hometopurpose.com under TOOLS you will discover a guided Journey by Journal that will support you in getting to know and understand the most important person in your life….YOU!

Like I mentioned earlier, knowing, understanding and loving who you are is a process…be gentle with yourself and learn to love yourself without judgement or self-criticism just as you are right this moment, that is unconditional love at its best.

Happiness is a state of being and your state of being at any given moment… is your choice.

״Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.״-Aristotle

Thank you for contacting HOPE and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to communicate with us!!!

With Love and Happiness,

Jennifer with HOPE – Home tO PurposE