People Need People; Especially the People That Bother You!

People need people! People need the support of other people! Be it your family, spouse, friends, children, neighbors, co-workers…people you meet on the street. The exact people and happenings that are in your life from your birth until this day…and every day there after are there for a reason. They are the exact people and happenings you need in order to learn from, to support you and to teach you something in order for you to grow and develop.

What they are there to teach you is a question that each person, individually, has the choice answer to. No one can help you with the lessons that are to be learned, others can support you, but only you can reveal the answers that will affect your life.

It’s like taking a test in school each student, individually, will take his test, the subject is most often something the student has studied-learned about, in order to pass the test. If he doesn’t pass the first test, he will be retested in the future usually with different questions on same subject that has to be learned.

Our life is a series of lessons to be learned. That’s what humans do, right? We grow, develop and learn from the moment we are born as babies into children, growing and developing into teenagers and then into adult hood and it doesn’t stop there, we continue to grow, learn and develop with our years from adults to senior hood.

People and happenings (including dis-eases) in your life, especially the ones that get under your skin; bother you in your life, are there to support you in learning your life lessons. Yes, you read it correctly, all those people, happenings, dis-eases, things in your life that you said you “can’t stand”, “want to forget about”, “wish you had never had/met”, “could live without”… are there for a reason…for you… and until you learn the lesson/s they are there to teach…you will encounter more and more of the same. Either learn the lesson and continue to grow and develop in your life or encounter more of the same that “bothers” you in your life until you learn or have studied enough to pass the test/s that life hands out to you….for you.

Most people tend to ignore or try and forget their problems…their history. They think that by ignoring and/or forgetting “it” somehow "it" will go away, and sometimes "it" does for a while. In my life, I realize that ”it” always catches up with me in another situation or in another person that enters my life. Honestly, if you push “it” away, try to ignore and/or forget "it"—how can you pass your tests? If you do not study “it”, the problem, the subject, can you come up with a solution? The problem is not the person, place or thing that you believe is causing the “problem” unless you believe that person, place or thing is you…then you are correct. This doesn't mean that you are a "problem" it means that you have been given all that you need to solve your "problems" through simply being awareness of them and learning from them. Everything that happened, happens or will happen are for you! It doesn’t happen to you “it” happens for you AND “it” happens to teach a lesson in order for you to grow and develop. What you DO with “it” makes all the difference in your life!

Many people want to know what they should do with "it" when they become aware or conscious of "it"? The first step is to congratulate yourself for becoming aware of "it"! Being able to face "it" in order to gain perspective, learn and develop from "it" is a gift. Second step is to find the good that comes from "it". Everything in life has good that comes from it...if you look for it. Sometimes you are not aware of the good in the moment, especially when "it" is upsetting you and your Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) are acting like clouds hiding "it's" real purpose, but when the clouds dissipate, learning from "it" and finding the good that comes from all things are the keys to true happiness in life! You...and only you...can choose to upgrade your life by becoming aware and learning to develop a happier more loving life. I find that gratitude for all that happened, happens and will happen in my life helps me to discover, examine and develop in a more positive manner. I used to ask "Why is this happening to me?" from a place of anger and sorrow, now I ask the same question but with gratitude and meaning. Today, I really want to know, I want to develop and learn from my life and it has made all the difference.

Being aware of your Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) that stem from your personal belief and value system will support you in your studies, and reveal the answers to your test questions. The “Who Am I, Really?” Guided Journal by Journal can be used as a study guide, a support system in passing your life “tests”.

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How do others affect you in your life? What Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) do you have in connection with the people surrounding you? What beliefs and values do you hold within you that affect your Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s)?

All people, happenings and things in your life are there for a reason!