Unconditional Love... Really?

Unconditional love.... Easy to say....challenging to do. Although the 'doing' is of the utmost importance....but how?

Buckled up on an airplane stuffed with people, I find myself dictating conditions. Near me a little girl is desperately trying to get her dad's attention by screaming at the top of her lungs, "Daddy, Daddy, DAddy, DADdy, DADDy, DADDY!, louder and louder and louder. In my frustrated emotional state I can feel my internal organs twisting along with my thought patterns of 'please man, answer your child already!' And asking myself questions like 'should I ask them to be quiet or just leave it, she will be quiet soon, am I the only person on this plane that is bothered by this, why is everyone else so calm, what is wrong with me, after all I am a mother of 4 and I am quiet capable of some noise???' Oh my...how many thoughts go through ones head and emotions throughout my body!?. My actions-I just sit there and slightly, as unnoticeable as possible, turn around in my seat to check if daddy was conscious.

He is, now struggling in my seat and replaying the thoughts, possible actions and emotions, over and over and over again until Daddy finally pays attention to his child and quiet overcomes me.

Wow! And all that under 3 minutes, so many conditions.

Loving what is, is not so simple when you are confronted with a situation.

A huge smile spreads across my face as I realize I have just learned something about myself. I was aware of my internal Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) and as I sat there on the plane with no where to physically go, I acted like a bystander checking myself out. Writing it down allowed me to become aware of the situation that had just happened for me and helped me to make some sense of it and to balance my Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s). First off I learned that patience is a virtue and I want more of it. I thought about how I could bring more balance in my life when and if this would happen 'for me' again. The most ironic thing is that when I catch myself and I investigate the situation that is happening for me in the moment or a short time after it has happened...the situation usually doesn't happen again...or at least I don't E.A.T. (Emotion, Act and Think) the same way if it were to happen again. I would have already learned something about myself and would have transformed my Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) in a way that balances me personally and individually.

Emotions, Actions and Thoughts are very personal and individual. There can be groups of people with the same interests and seemingly the same E.A.T.s but each one has his own level of E.A.T.ing (Emotioning, Acting and Thinking) that is his/hers alone, each person is unique.

As I sit here on the plane, I am aware that back home I have a much slower paced, more chosen life style in which I have more of a grasp on self-awareness and love - I wouldn't say totally unconditional love...but I give it a go. I believe that by becoming more aware of myself, of my surroundings, and learning from them I can transform my Emotions, Actions and Thoughts into the E.A.T.s that I want.

Here on this plane, I'm out of my element, molding to the world around me, the people, places and things that influence me, in tight courtiers with no chance of physical escape-well for the next 10 hours at least. Knowing that mentally and emotionally I can be free in any situation, anywhere, with anyone, or with anything brings a peaceful calm over me.

I am quite aware that my surroundings for the next 10 days will be not as usual. Weather, people, places and things are different from where I live. I will adapt, all the while holding hands with myself knowing that every person, place and thing around me is happening FOR me, for me to learn more about myself and to develop in the way I choose no matter the circumstance.

Vacation....here I come!

To learn more about who you are and about your Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) and how to become more aware of them and use them to choose the life YOU want to live in any circumstance... click on the Tools button located at the top of this webpage.

Everything that happened, happens and will happen are FOR a reason,

FOR you to learn about and develop yourself. -J.A.B.