HABITS...Your Creation!?.

Our habits are created…and we create them. Habits are created by practice…if we practice something enough it becomes a habit right? If we practice a musical instrument enough we can become a musician, if we practice drinking alcohol enough we can become an alcoholic, if we practice a foreign language enough we can become a linguist, if we practice worrying enough we can become a worrier, if we practice positive thinking enough we can become an optimist, if we practice negative thinking enough a pessimist…. Whatever you decide to practice creates a habit and it becomes part of you. Everyone individually decides/chooses what it is they want to practice.

To understand more about your habits you need to know where they come from.

Your habits are created by influences that helped to form your belief and value system. The belief and value system in turn creates Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s for short) to support it.

An example of this would be a SMS or written message. Someone writes something and sends it out to everyone on their contact list….something like…"I love to be happy". Imagine that you have just received this message…immediately Emotions, Actions and Thoughts arise within you because we influence each other. Depending on where you are in your life, what kind of life you have led until now (beliefs and values) and what kind of day you are experiencing you will reply or not, and again depending on your day and your beliefs and values, your reply will vary. If someone just pushed your buttons and you’re feathers are all rustled…your reply may be different than if you had just finished a calming meditation. Did you know that your Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) are created by YOU and that they have been since you were conceived, and you have been developing them your whole life?

AGAIN: We have created ourselves from influences…outer influences and inner influences of our Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) and the E.A.T.s of others. We have all, each and every one of us from conception, created and formed our habits, our beliefs and our values, using the guidance (influences) we have received in our lives. We all go through developmental stages and at some point we should become aware of our beliefs and values, as well as how we are E.A.T.ing (Emotioning, Acting and Thinking). Awareness allows us to use this knowledge to create what we decide and choose for ourselves. Around the age of 25 most of us enter into adulthood, our physical bodies , our brain and bones have reached maturity. With this maturity comes responsibility.

At some point in our lives we are to become aware that we have choices, that the decision is ultimately ours to make. We decide to create the life we want to live by using free will and will power and it is the free will and will power within us that will create the life we want to live. Everyone makes their own decision, hence you cannot change anyone…only influence them. Many of our habits were formed and created from our childhood until today, we were influenced from conception, now is your time to investigate what and whom has influenced you so that you may be able to decide if that is what you want for YOUR life.

Habits have made their own passageways using nerve cells, neurons, that connect neurological paths in your nervous system, to and from the brain to activate your body. E.A.T.s are stored in every cell of your body creating new highways and new passageways (new neurons-cells) continuously and the traffic controller is you.

Everyone and everything on this earth is needed and used to influence… family, friends, enemies, teachers, cigarettes, drugs, killers, politics, lovers, words, religions, non-religions, foods, flowers, weather, holidays, nature, television, events in your life, people, places and things, emotions, actions and thoughts, beliefs and values….I could go on and on. Everything including what you are reading this very moment is being written to influence. Ultimately you decide what influences you and how. I believe there is a greater force that allows the existence of everything for that reason. So that we can ultimately decide! To be able to make our own decisions of how nature, people, places, things, emotions, actions, thoughts, beliefs and values, events…..everything influences us, individually and for a reason. The very things that influence us are the very things that we need to transform us. We transform ourselves everyday whether we are aware of it or not. Situations happen and we mold or transform ourselves to them, for instance, parties, deaths, promotions, seasons, time, age etc.. Awareness of your Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) especially the ones that you have decided to form habits by, allows you to decide/choose from our own free will to transform those same E.A.T.s into something else-different habits. Contrary to the saying “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.”, you most definitely can! But the old dog has to decide if he wants to learn the new tricks. In the end we all decide. New highways and pathways are created every day…

What are you creating? Where are you going? What is your decision?

Humans are creatures of habit and our habits are created by doing.

Try to dissect any habit you have created and you will discover Emotions, Actions and Thoughts as well as beliefs and values. All of these are dynamic…they work together to create you…your personality.

Emotions and thoughts can trigger your actions, just as your actions and emotions trigger your thoughts and your actions and thoughts can trigger your emotions. So which one came first, an emotion or an action or a thought?

I believe that our Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s ) are equal. Any one of them can start a habit loop and any one of them can transform a habit loop. By changing or transforming one you change and transform them all. It’s all about sheer will, choice. Have you heard the saying “Where there’s a will, there is a way!”?

The “way” is by forming new habits. I must add that there are no quick ways, everything is a process…becoming who you are this very moment was a process, how old are you? Although by changing and transforming your habits you can get there faster and this can be done at any age. To do this, you have to decide to do it and then DO IT! I think for some of us that is the hardest part…doing. We are so used to our regular ways, our habits, that creating new ones seems almost impossible. Well I am here to tell you that you can do it! We can all do whatever we set our minds to and whatever we decide to do! I am aware of this almost every day when I hear of someone who was *“healed” from cancer after receiving a fatal diagnosis, or couldn’t walk and now is up and about, alcoholics who have *“recovered”. We all hear about these miracles every day.

*These words “healed”, “recovered” are just that…words…the true healing and recovering is done because of the very thing that most people believe is devastating like depression, cancer or alcoholism (to name a few) are actually gifts that can allow you to open your eyes and become aware of the most important thing in your life…you!

The recovering and the healing come from the very things, illnesses and habits that every person individually has created within themselves. I repeat: We have created ourselves from influences, outer influences and inner influences of our Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) and the E.A.T.s of others.

Changing and transforming habits can be done and it begins by becoming aware of them.

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