Are You Under the Influence?Answer=Yes.

We live in a universe of influence. Walk down your street, turn on the television, read newspapers or magazines, we are all influenced--all the time. Weather, nature, people, places, circumstances and name it, you are under the influence every moment.

The more we are consciously aware of what influences us, the more we are able to choose what we want in our lives.

From conception we are influenced by DNA and the Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) of those that surrounding us and those that raise us, it is a part of life, it is the way we grow and develop. No matter how old you are, you are still growing and developing each and every moment and you are still under the influence of your surroundings. The question is... are you aware of what/who influenced or is influencing you?

Each person holds beliefs and values that are individual and unique to them. They are stored in your brain and together with your Nervous System and hormones this information is relayed to your body through your Emotions, Actions and Thoughts, and then through your body to the outside world.

To discover what is stored there you can investigate your E.A.T.s by using the evidence that is right there at your fingertips and under your nose.

Do you know that there are over 7 billion people in the world? Over 7 billion individuals and not one is the same. Just thinking about it is mind boggling.

Take, for instance, a field of sun flowers. Flower upon flower as far and as wide as the eye can see, the exact same type of flower and yet every single one is different...unique to itself. Amazing!

We all are unique and different and we are all granted access to our classified and very personal information that sets us apart from the "crowd", in our case the more than 7 billion "crowd". This information is right at our fingertips and right under our noses and can be used to inspire and motivate us in the discovery of why we are here in this world... to discover our purpose.

Each one of us, over all 7 billion of us, are all here to serve a purpose, each person, each flower, each animal... all in their own unique way. We are here on purpose and for a purpose, finding that purpose is the greatest discovery of life!

What is your purpose?

This question can only be asked and answered by you and self communication is the key.

For many years, I searched for "my" answers through others. I asked many professionals, therapists and practitioners questions like "What? What is wrong with me? Why? Why am I here, for what purpose? What is happiness? How can I have more love and happiness in my life? What is inner peace and what does it feel like? etc..." Since I was paying hefty fees, I expected them to give me the answers. I became more and more frustrated and disappointed over the years with time and money spent and no apparent answer/s. For a while, I didn’t even think there was a purpose to life at all. With seemingly no hope and no purpose- those days, weeks, months and years were the most challenging. What I didn’t realize back then is that the answers were at my fingertips and right under my nose. All I had to do was to investigate to discover them.

I guess, for me, asking other people to help me to understand myself was a good beginning-at least I was communicating my E.A.T.s (Emotions, Actions and Thoughts) out loud. I felt the need to go to as many professionals, practitioners, and therapists as possible. I have always been a stickler for learning and for finding the “truth” in everything. I like to do my research and to try new and different things all the time and as we all know, there is no shortage of new and different out there. Many proclaim that they can “help” you!

Since we are all different and unique, how could other people or things possibly “help” you, answer any question, or give you any advice on how you can live your life? They simply can't! It's a definite DIY (Do It Yourself). They simple don't have your classified information. Even if you tried and tried to explain it to them they could never understand you! We are all unique and different! Others can support you and influence you with new ways of thinking, feeling, acting etc… but that is about all they can do. Only you can help yourself.

Support comes in many forms and it is all around you. The discovery of who you are begins with using your communication skills. You can start by investigating what influences your day to day life using your Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) as your guide.

Those professionals, practitioners, and therapist I wrote about earlier served a purpose…without them how could I write this blog, I myself am a N.L.P. Master Practitioner, Bach Flower Practitioner and Aromatherapist.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying cut yourself off from society, nature, professionals, practitioners and therapists, just be aware that they are there to support you, influence you-- in helping yourself.


Communicate with yourself!

You can communicate with yourself in many ways.

By Journaling:

Journaling is one of the major resources I love to use. Whenever I feel or think I am in a dilemma, I ask myself questions and answer them on paper. I have discovered that I can ask myself any question and the answers are right there at my fingertips and right under my nose on the pieces of recycled paper.

Write, Write and Write some more. This allows you to become aware of yourself, your Emotions, Actions and Thoughts, your outside influences and much more. Be aware of your outside influences because they become your inside influences. This information is stored in your brain and easily accessed by your nervous system to your body and your surroundings—your outside world, therefore influencing others around you as their brains and nervous systems follow do the same.

Ask yourself if these influences are “working” for you? Remember they are there for a reason…what is that reason? Ask yourself the question and answer it on paper.

Who? What? Why? When? Where? Which? How?, do you remember these questions from school? When answered these questions cover the basics of language, they support you in understanding and comprehending situations and context.

These are 7 wonderful questions that lead to greater self-discovery. You can find more information at

Most of my own self-discoveries come from journaling nightly. Using the “Who Am I, Really?” Guided Journey by Journal, I ask and answer 7 questions each night that support me in becoming more self-aware, discovering day by day my E.A.T.s and how they affect and effect me and others. Answering these 7 questions supports me to become more aware and help myself.

Download your free one-week version today at

By Evaluating Your Values system:

Accessing and evaluating your values is another way of self-communication.

What do you value and why? Is it your value or someone else’s that was taught to you by someone else? (Worksheets and more information on accessing and evaluating your values coming soon to the HOPE website, look for them under Tools at

By Harmonizing Life Charts:

Are you living a life of harmony—a balanced life…and who dictates what a balanced life is for you? (More information on Harmonizing Life Charts can be found at the end of each week of “Who Am I, Really?” Guided Journey by Journal. Find it on HOPE, look for them under Tools at

By Awareness of Your Surroundings:

Awareness of the people, places, things, events, situations.... that surround you can most definitely support you. They are all there happening for you!

What and who motivates you? Sometimes, I find that the people, places, things, events, situations... that I believe hinder me are the very people, places, things, events, situations... that motivate me!

Example: A good friend once told me that I couldn’t… that was influential push, motivation and inspiration that I needed at the time to prove to myself I could and go actually for it, otherwise who knows...maybe... I would still be talking about HOPE Home tO Purpo