Sirens of Peace

A siren just went off all around Israel, a siren of remembrance.

The people of Israel are to stop what they are doing and stand in remembrance for one minute. Wow.

I thought about it and wondered what our world would be like if we could all drop everything for one minute when we feel uneasy, get angry or hurt by someone or something and if we could just stand still. Putting aside the Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) that we are experiencing to remember for one quiet minute that the person, place or thing that influenced us in such a way was and is also influenced.

To take a whole minute to remember that we are all still children from within. We are all still those children that like to play games…try new things…learn. We learn from a place of curiosity and an urge to do something and then discovering how to do it by trying many different ways to actually--do it. To learn to walk as a child we fell down, many times, and as adults we fall down also, we discover how to swim by getting in the water and getting wet, as adults we need to get in the water. Come to the realization we are all children and we just don’t know everything, we need to learn more and discover more.

If something in your life is not as you would have it, it is because you haven’t learned from it! Every single person has their own lessons to be learned. Nobody is the same! We are all unique and different...connected with and to each other by influences.

The siren today, set off a siren for me—an inner siren. I live by the statement that “People, places and things do not happen TO me they happen FOR me”. When I feel angry, disappointed, alone, hurt, sad, uneasy, etc…I stop in my tracks and loose everything but the moment and remember to set those very Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) aside for one minute in order to become aware of myself. Aware that all that happens, happened and will happen are FOR me, for me to learn something about myself because if it is still happening I simply haven’t learned to “walk yet…I’m still falling down”.

Those inner-sirens can teach us how to walk and when we have learned the skill of walking we can choose to walk a different path, walking the path of peace, hope, happiness and love, and we will always arrive home peaceful, hopeful, happy and loved.

To learn more about Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) download Journey by Journal's "Who Am I, Really?" located under tools on the

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