Awareness is the 'Bridge' Between Your Outer World and Your Inner World.

Guided Awareness

“Circle of Life”

(as of this moment)

"Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you." -Unknown

You create your reality! To know what reality you have created for yourself is as simple as taking a good look around and listening to your body. The world outside you is the reflection of the world inside you! If you are bothered by someone or something (co-worker, relative, friend, society, dis-ease, disrupted sleep patterns, obsessive thoughts, fear, anxiety, weight issues, health issues, relationships, financial difficulties, depression, sadness, frustration, anger…and the list goes on…) know that you have consciously and/or sub-consciously created that circumstance.


Everything, everybody (including your own), situation, etc…that surrounds you in your life (your outer world) is there to mirror your inner emotions, actions/behaviors and thoughts (your inner world) to guide you to the discovery, growth and development of your authentic self, and we are constantly growing and evolving.

For some of us, it is like a “Déjà Vu” moment—somehow you get this feeling this has happened FOR you before?

What comes around goes around, in the “Circle of Life”.

I believe we are all here to influence each other, all people, places, things, events, situation, dis-eases etc… exist for the sole purpose of mirroring the “growth process” of your “inner world” to guide you to living your unique authentic balanced life.

By ignoring or not learning from and applying the lessons to your life, you set yourself up to receive them over and over…and over again in other ways, through other people, places, things, situations, dis-eases…until you become aware of your “inner world",. It’s kind of like taking a test in school, in this case the “School of Life”, if you don’t pass the test on the first go ‘round you will have to take it again, each test more complex than the one before-hence things that bother you will bother you more.

So—how do you create balance between your “inner and outer worlds”?

You can start by paying attention to your body and the your surroundings, they are teaching you something about yourself. Balancing your life (inner and outer worlds) can be made possible by accessing one of your greatest resources—awareness. If one area of your life is out of balance it can throw off your entire “Circle of Life”, awareness of the imbalances that exist for you, at this moment, allows for harmony in that area and influences all the other areas in your life as well. Discovering and learning from the events, people, places, things, dis-eases that happen for you in your life is the key to life balance and harmony. Investigating yourself to become aware of your “worlds” opens the door for self-discovery, enhancing, inspiring and motivating healing, freedom, love, peace, joy, contentment...whatever you choose to create for yourself, in the process of your growth and development.

Create a life that flows using the “Circle of Life” exercises as a framework, motivating and inspiring you to “be” aware of who you are as of this moment and to "be"come a better version of yourself. Investigating and magnifying specific areas of your life will enable you to pinpoint the exact areas that are in need of your attention in order to distribute your awareness, time and focus.

Awareness is the first stage of development, and by balancing and caring for all the areas of your life—you create harmony.

Remember to be patient and kind with yourself while investigating, what you bring into consciousness can be and is transformed. Love yourself unconditionally, knowing that you are the only you in this world, you are unique and special and deserve to grant yourself kindness and compassion. In doing so, you will generate the exact results you want, what you choose to create, will happen for you—you create your reality!

With that in mind, to discover, learn about and develop your balanced life, complete the “Circle of Life” exercise below by placing a dot on your level of satisfaction of the specific areas.

10--very satisfied (as of this moment) and

0--totally dissatisfied (as of this moment).

Circle of Life

(as of this moment)

When you have completed your “Circle of Life”, connect the dots, take a moment to examine it. Is your "Circle of Life" a circle? Is there balance?

Write down your feelings and thoughts.

Ask yourself…

Where am I now in regards to these specific areas in my life?

Where do I want to be in regards to these specific areas in my life?

What actions will I take to satisfy the specific areas in my life?

What have I learned about myself?

Remember—you create your reality!


Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Circle of Life

(as of this moment)

Which areas of life are the most important to you at this moment?

Following you will discover more detailed areas of interests listed in alphabetical order to support you in developing your specific, unique “Circle of Life”.

Feel free to add the specific areas to enable you to pinpoint and develop the life you want to create for yourself.

Remind yourself that this is an internal investigation using external reflections, showing compassion, kindness and unconditional love for yourself is of the utmost importance.


___Believe in Myself



___Contribution (Giving back, lending a hand…)

___Creativity (Arts, Musi