A Birthday Gift Waiting to be Claimed!

Today, on my birthday, I want to thank you for the most amazing gift anyone could ever receive.

It was given to me at birth but I have only become aware of this amazing gift in the past few years.

Throughout my life others shared their gift with me and like a sponge I soaked up their influences, from my parents, family, friends, society…others…and it shaped my life.

Today I am aware that this gift is mine! All I have to do is claim it.

I believe birthdays are there especially as a reminder of this gift we have already received, the question is are we willing to take responsibility for it and use this gift to our best advantage in our lives.

This gift has the ability to transform our lives. It can transform our Emotions, our Actions/behaviors and our Thoughts. This gift can direct and steer our lives in any direction we desire.

Have you discovered this gift?

Are you aware that this gift has been in your possession since birth and it is waiting for you to accept and claim it?

This amazing gift is our gift of choice. We choose how we create our lives. We choose our Emotions, our actions and our thoughts our beliefs and our values.

We choose… and from our choices we create our reality—our lives.

Birthdays like every day of our lives exist for us to discover, learn and develop ourselves. Our lives are truly in our hands.

At birth l was granted life...and the gift to choose how I want to live it!