Are You Existing or Living?

One major life lesson that I have learned is that existing is NOT really living! If you feel like you are going through the motions in your own life without realizing and actualizing your passions, dreams and goals then wake up because you are merely existing and not really living.

I remember times in my life that I felt as if I was merely existing….breathing….going through the motions with seemingly no purpose. I had plenty of things to do as I was growing into me, none of which consisted of my passions, my dreams for my life. It was hard enough to make ends meet, finding spare time to exercise, meet with family and friends, etc. dreams and passions were the last thing on my mind.

I've learned that the difference between merely existing and truly living is in discovering and living your passions, your dreams, and setting life goals in order to make them your reality.

What are your dreams, your passions in life? Do you know?

Life as we know it is for a purpose. You have a purpose. Everything has a purpose, whether we can understand and comprehend the purpose or not. All living and non-living creations exist to influence and impact our lives. There is a reason for every creation. If you disagree, then by all means you can go on existing and never really experience what truly LIVING and being ALIVE is all about, proving the quote above by Oscar Wilde true.

Every person, every place, every thing, every event, etc... is for a purpose and it means exactly that….





Trauma, violence, disaster… must exist in this world. They have to in order for relief, peace, wonder… to exist. One cannot exist without the other…how would you know the difference?

We all live our personal, individual traumas and triumphs. We may not always be able to comprehend and/or understand why certain things happen in our lives, but life certainly happens FOR us, for us to grow and develop. Finding our purpose through our specific life happenings, enables us to discover and actualize our passions and dreams each and every day.

Take a moment... a moment to observe at what has happened for you in your life. Search out the good that accompanies each and every happening. Searching and discovering the "good" that comes from the seemingly “bad” takes time and effort among many other things, but "good" can be discovered. Examples of the "good" are people coming together and sharing their love for distraught family members; complete strangers suddenly appearing, giving of themselves in efforts to support and help another human being. Without the traumas in life when would you lend a hand?

Where in your life do you give of yourself without reason? Please think of, at least, one instance.

….You will find that there is always a reason because life happens FOR a reason.

Many people are conflicted with the statements "Life happens FOR you" and "Life happens FOR a reason." How would you explain this statement to the parents of innocent children with life threatening diseases, rape victims, war and natural disasters victims, etc.? How in the world could any of these traumatizing, life altering events happen FOR anyone?

Believing that we live in a good Universe and that everything that happened, happens and will happen in our lives are happening FOR a reason, whether we are aware of the reason or not, is our ultimate combined goal in life. Most of us are not prepared for the seemingly harsh reality of this statement…it is challenging at times for me to fathom at times, I know. We are all created with emotions, feelings and thoughts and many of us act and behave in efforts to support and care for others in order to ease some of these "hardships” that are seemingly thrown at our fellow human beings, such as starvation, dis-eases, natural disasters....

In supporting others we also ease our own pain and suffering.

On the other hand personal traumas kept quiet, hidden deep inside victims, not communicated are like tip toeing through a mine field, afraid, pained and suffering, worried that at any moment you could step on a trigger, igniting even more trauma. This creates more personal trauma. Becoming aware of, discovering and learning about ourselves, loving ourselves no matter what, and finding the good from all people, places, things and events, etc. that happened, happen and will happen for us in our individual lives will diffuse any bomb that has been set and is ticking.

A deep cut on your skin that is ignored and left uncared for will eventually become infected and can infect your entire body, but if properly cared for, it will close and heal. The reason that you were cut in the first place is irrelevant, it has already happened, awareness of and caring for your wounds will promote healing. Caring for yourself enough to apply unconditional self-love will allow for more self-knowledge through self-communication, furthering self-awareness that can supply you with the sources needs to heal yourself.

Believing that everything is for a reason, and that reason is for “good”, and then investigating to find the "good" that comes along with any trauma will bring peace and balance to your life and to the lives of others. Not being able to see the "good" in the happenings of our lives only feeds and nourishes the “bad” and allows it to grow and develop with us infecting and prolonging our personal suffering. Your personal suffering radiates outward to affect your families, friends, surroundings… our Universe, whether you are aware of it or not. This IS the difference between LIVING and MERELY EXISTING.

There is a purpose for your life, your conception, up until this moment, and every moment thereafter, as you grow and develop you can discover it. Loving yourself enough to take the time and effort to investigate and examine who you have become, to discover and examine your dreams and your passions allows for the conscious development of yourself--truly living your life as opposed to merely existing.

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