Who Am I, Really?

I used to think that life was, for lack of better words, simply hard and I regretted getting up and out of bed in the morning to start the day!

I have asked myself the "Who Am I, Really?" question for as long as I can remember. That question has led me to become an investigator into one of the greatest mysteries of my life—me. Some would call it "soul searching". One thing I know for sure is that if you search for something enough and if you ask yourself questions with the devoted intention of answering those same questions, persistently seeking out the answers through self-investigation, you can discover all of the answers to any question you may ever ask. Today, getting up in the morning to start my day is one of the best parts of my day! Gratitude, joy, love and peace for every waking and sleeping moment of my life has literally, spiritually, physically and mentally transformed—me—who I am. I want to share some of the wonderful tools that I used and still use today in the search and discovery of...me.

Me: Life Guide and Guided Journey by Journal contains pertinent information that I believe every human being should have access to.

Are you aware that you are born with your very own unique and personal instruction manual and it can be discovered the moment you choose to look for it? To know and understand who you really are, what you are made of and how you function is a choice; your choice. Self-investigating to reveal your finely detailed and unique personal instruction manual will supply you with the knowledge of who you are, how you activate and are activated—how you operate. The alternative is living an automated life in which others direct, orchestrate and choose your life for you. Many people think that robots are scary...Huh! If we took a good look at ourselves we will understand that robots are the mirrors, reflections, of which we have become, how else could or would they even be created today. We created and continue to create the robots in our own image. We create our reality. What about wars, did we create those too? Sure we did; collectively we all did. War and peace are parts of all of our lives, personally, environmentally, worldly and they all affect life as a whole as well as create a great universal effect. We are all pieces of that whole. You are a piece of the puzzle that creates the bigger picture, you affect the entire picture. Who you are influences your surroundings and in turn your influence is echoed, relayed to others and their surroundings through them and so on.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." You make a difference in this world, the entire universe for that matter. YOU MATTER! "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”—Dali Lama XIV. All of the small pieces of a puzzle produce the big picture; every piece is as important and essential to the whole.

You are here for a reason; on purpose. Find out who you really are and why.

Get your copy of Me: Life Guide and Guided Journey by Journal today and let your everyday life be your compass, guiding and directing you to the individual pieces that form and shape the big picture of your unique life puzzle—your life’s purpose. With each copy sold a donation will be made to HOPE~Home tO PurposE a nonprofit organization established to spread more joy, love, peace and hope to you and the world. Come Home tO PurposE and experience HOPE today for support in creating greater self-awareness and development in the discovery of just how amazing life—your life—truly is. www.hometopurpose.com