47 AGAIN! A Special Birthday Wish

September 2, 2018




For a while now, when asked my age I would reply 47. Today, a friend of mine asked me how "young" I am today and I promptly replied 48. She said that couldn't possibly be and after recalculating the math I realized that I have been given yet another gift -- I have gained a whole year of my life! As it turns out I AM 47 today!


Miraculously, I was born on this day and along with all the wonders and awesomeness that life brings I would like to publicly wish for YOU and for ME for today and always--


LOVE -- UNCONDITIONAL LOVE- You know the "love myself and everyone else just because" kinda love...just because experiencing the opposite is so darn depressing and aggravating.

GRATITUDE -- To be grateful and learn about ourselves every day... especially on our worst days--because these are the ones that really count! 

HEALTH -- Health for our Environment, Body, Soul:Minds, and Spirit and to be conscious of the connection.

PEACE -- Peace of Mind that at the end of the day ALL is well. 


The following words took me a while to "digest"--to understand and believe-- but when I did they totally changed my life--


We don't always control what happens in our lives but we ALWAYS control how we interpret what happens in our lives!

My Choice~Your Choice~Our Choice! 

Pain and Pleasure will always exist in my life--in ALL of our lives!

They are both needed.

At the age of 47...again :-),  each day I become more aware of the choices I can make to celebrate both. I can most definitely choose to celebrate suffering just as much as I can choose to celebrate enjoying life, I can choose resentment and I can choose gratitude, happiness/sadness, fear/hope.... you get the picture. ALL are CHOICES I MAKE and I am 100% responsible for them all. 


I think being 47 again will be AMAZING! 


THANK YOU for your thoughts, I look forward to receiving them and have a truly, wonderful day! 


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