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Who Am I, Really?



We were cultivated from birth right up until adulthood. As babies we have little choice in the matter, we need others to raise, feed and love us in order to grow and develop. This is a normal process of life; we are taught Emotions, Actions/behaviors and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) from the influences of our childhood surroundings, parents, guardians, teachers, friends, events in our lives, animals, nature, etc...and some of us are still under the influence of our surroundings and are still being cultivated to this day.  

How do you know if you are under the influence?

Your Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (E.A.T.s) lead you to believe that you are not truly happy!

There comes a time in life to investigate who you are and who's life you are really living.

How? You can do this by investigating the most important person in your life...you.


No one knows you better than you know yourself.